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Welcome to pure to go

Now serving organic living cuisine shipped Nationwide!
The food is INCREDIBLE and we continue to serve out gourmet cuisine now shipping nationwide. The menus are more diverse as the menu changes weekly with over 100 different entrees.  Order
Gourmet raw breakfasts, dinners, sinful desserts, award winning smoothies, thin and crispy crackers, raw books, and so much more! 
We guarantee you will fall in LOVE with our food. 
The purest food on the planet shipped to your door!

gourmet raw foods / gourmet raw food
"Impressive how-does-she-do-it food!" (read review)

  gourmet raw food meals / gourmet raw food meal
Shipping gourmet raw food Nationwide since 2000! Join us on Facebook 
raw foods store online / raw food store online

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five entrées in very large 9x9 container packed  full of delicious raw food and amazing dessert! tacos, pizza, sun burger, ravioli, pasta, coconut noodles, lasagna, crepes, burritos, spring rolls, salads, soups, chicken fingers, crispy fish, meatloaf, and more!  
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pancakes, melt in your mouth crepes, cereals with nut milk, oatmeal, juices, elixirs, scones, fruit soups, award winning raw smoothies, buckwheaties cereal, english scones, cinnamon rolls, breakfast pie, and more!       
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coconut dream pie, chocolate ganache with 
raspberry puree, key lime tart, brownies,
banana cream pie, pecan pie, cheesecake, crunch bar pie, lemon sweet tart pie, passion cake, wedding cake and so much more!
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How Does This Work?

We make INCREDIBLE gourmet raw-food meals. So good in fact that we guarantee your food! You order your choice of breakfasts, dinners, and beautiful  pies and cakes from our menu weekly. You get the menu by our group list or it is posted on our website every  Friday. Your order must be in by Monday at noon We ship your order to your home or office overnight in a box with ice packs. You eat the meals in the order given in our directions to ensure freshness. Check out  testimonials from our clients or read the press articles. We have been shipping gourmet raw meals since 2000. So, try pure and see for yourself how INCREDIBLE it is! delivery

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Shop for crackers, pizza crust, tortillas, coconut water, whole young coconuts, raw salad dressings, fruit crepe wraps, hummus, macadamia cheese logs, brownies, truffles, chocolate bar, cookies, crunchy nut mixes, granola cereal, and chocolate or cinnamon buckwheaties and more!                                    

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Living and Raw foods are uncooked vegetables, fruits, soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains that contain powerful enzymes. Living and raw foods have a much higher nutritional value than 'cooked' foods. When you heat foods to a temperature above 105 degrees you destroy the vital nutrients and enzymes while creating toxins. Heat changes the chemical make up of the food which creates substances that the body can no longer recognize. This causes unwanted damage with in our bodies. Without the vital nutrients and enzymes we loose the 'life force' of the food and we get sick with illness & disease. This is why America is overcome with obesity and disease! Michael Donaldson, Ph.D., a nutritional biologist at Cornell University, says "Generally the raw food diet works because it is a synergy. Vitamins, enzymes, a healthy bowel, balanced emotions, positive outlook—all of these components come together in a living way. People overcome arthritis, allergies, cancer, you name it. I am still amazed by the testimonials." continued

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6 delicious fresh juices per day
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Purerawcafe.com does not give medical advice, diagnose diseases or suggest treatments. We believe your body has the inner wisdom to naturally achieve optimal health and heal itself when supported with a diet rich in whole, live, raw foods. If you have any medical conditions or questions, please ask a health professional to review the extensive information and scientific references available before making any radical lifestyle or dietary changes                                                                                    

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