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Catering Menu

gluten free sugar free table salt free vegan and raw

Pure Foods Catering Menu
parties, special events, weddings

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients and actively support local growers and producers that engage in organic and sustainable agricultural practices. We are committed to making each event outstanding with a breathtaking display of food and the most incredible tasting cuisine. 

Spring Rolls
English cucumbers sliced paper thin filled with fresh basil cilantro and mint Herb spring mix black and
white sesame seeds red bell pepper avocado carrots and scallion rolled into sushi rolls and topped with
almond chile sauce with Japanese condiment and edible baby confetti flowers

Mini Tuscany Pizzas
almond rosemary and basil pizza crust topped with macadamia herb nut cheese layered with scallion and
basil leaves. Sun dried heirloom tomato sauce and topped with marinated Italian olives baby tomatoes and
spring mix with olive oil infused with flowers and herbs.

Chinese Dragon Stir Fry
Asian vegetables layered with black and white sesame seeds
Crunchy spicy cashews scallion and fresh herb with almond chile sauce
served in deep purple cabbage bowls

Baja Burritos
Romaine hearts filled with awesome guacamole hummus and horatcha hot sauce with kalamata olives and
cherry tomatoes served on circle of flowers

Mexico City Tacos
organic corn tortillas filled with untried beans with queso
guacamole, and fresh tomato lime salsa

Chicken Salad with red grapes 
pecan and lemon on cucumber cups
our amazing vegan chicken salad layered with grapes red onion italian parsley zesty pickle and lemon

Hawaiian Pizza
Flat bread herb pizza crust covered in our homemade nut cream veggie cheese topped with
scallion cilantro pineapple and mango coulis

Green and golden manicotti
macadamia fresh herb cheese layered with portabello mushroom spinach and scallion rolled into green and
gold vegetable pasta
and topped with marinated herb lettuce

Caramelized Mushroom and Onion pizzas
caramelized mushrooms and onions with macadamia italian herb cheese basil garlic pesto and sun-dried
tomato sauce on herb pizza

Pad Thai with almond chile
Noodles layered with basil mint and cilantro
Black and white sesame seeds crunchy spicy cashews papaya
scallion jicama and red radish drizzled with almond chile sauce

Exotic Soups
served in shot glasses or cups
Tantra Thai Soup
Blackberry Citrus Soup, Mango Avocado Soup,
Cherry Bliss Soup, Spicy smoked Avocado soup, Strawberry Nirvana Soup

Martini with purple orchid
death by Chocolate
Cherry Kiss
Strawberry Love
Blueberry Lavender

Decadent desserts
3 layer mocha mud pie raspberry chocolate ganache death by chocolate
chocolate brownie with frosting strawberry tart key west lime tart

All ingredients completely raw, mostly organic, and locally grown.
Raw food preparation is extremely labor intensive and only the very best ingredients used in our cuisine.

All cuisine covered in baby edible confetti flowers and or orchids from Hawaii for a presentation unlike any other. Your guests will be blown away.

Appetizers $ 8-11pp
Entrees $10-16pp
Desserts $ 8-10pp

Call 918-845-8414 or email us rawfoodchef@yahoo.com with any questions or to obtain a event quote.

Price: Based on Selection


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