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21 Day Spring Cleanse

A program to akalize and energize your body
21 Days to a new you!

We offer you the convenience of a home delivered program, that is fresh, made-to-order food created with the BEST raw ingredients from the earth in a pure natural state.

Feeding your body with whole foods and natural produce is the best long-term strategy for maintaining good health.  

Wouldnt it be wonderful if we could all live up to our fullest potential. But inevitably there are things holding us back; our bodies are full of toxins that we'd be much better off without. 

Cleansing is all about renewing - "restoring to the state we were in when we were new" - and rejuvenating - "restoring to the state we were in when we were young". It's literally about turning back the clock.

 As we age, metabolism slows down, because toxins that have built up inside us get in the way of the myriad cell processes that happen throughout our bodies every second, every minute, every hour.

Clear out the toxins, and we start functioning better again from the cellular level up. When you stop eating processed cooked foods full of toxins and start eating  whole raw juice and food your body can metamorphis into your best self. Finally, fit into those skinny jeans while feeling incredible from the inside out!

Get healthy NOW!
give the give of health!

Week 1  30 healing juices and 7 soups
Week 2  7  juices 7 smoothies and 7 dinners          
Week 3  7 smoothies 7 lunch and 7 dinner entrees

Body Cleanse menu

Week 1 - 30 juices 7 soups

6 green godess  
6 blood
 6 spicy lemonade
6 cinnamon cashew milk
6 coconut water essence
6 green grapefruit 
soup choice:
zen, spicy green avocado, tomato basil, peters pot, 
strawberry nirvana, thai coconut, and miso soup
mango avocado, blackberry citrus, strawberry basil

Week 2 
7 juices 7 smoothies 7 dinners

Week 3
7 smoothies 7 lunches and 7 dinners

Menu to choose from:
green godess 
spicy lemonade 
cinnamon cashew milk
coconut water essence
green grapefruit
super green smoothie
green pina colada
strawberry love
chocolate super food
blueberry sunset
very berry
green strawberry
mango meme
angel cake
chinese dragon stir fry
baja burritos
caesar salad
mexico city tacos
zen soup
spicy green avocado soup
spring rolls
mexican corn chowder
mexico city tacos
pb and j
tantalizing un tuna salad
mediterranean feast
sun burger
un chicken salad
eggless egg salad
thai wraps with almond chile
pad thai
bean and avocado enchiladas
tantra thai soup
white bliss soup
choice of raw oatmeals
choice of raw yogurt
choice of cereals and milk
mexican scramble
breakfast pie
key lime pie
chocolate mousse
strawberry cheesecake
vanilla bean pie
choice of ice cream
chocolate brownie with frosting
coconut pie
banana cream pie

Price: $750.00


Shipping: Calculated at Checkout  

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