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Spa Cuisine

Detox Cleanse Renew

Spa Juices:

green goddess, green grapefruit, blood, spicy lemonade, or cinnamon nut milk

Spa Smoothies:
super green, green pina colada, green berry, strawberry love, chocolate bliss , snow coconut, mango meme, blueberry bliss, or peaches and cream

Spa Soups:
cherry bing soup, peach soup, mango avocado soup,
strawberry basil soup, blackberry citrus soup, creamy cucumber, strawberry nirvana, watermelon soup, zen soup,
broccoli cheese soup, or miso soup

Spa Cuisine:
You will receive a new menu each week of gourmet raw meals like spring rolls, tacos, pizza, lasagna, and more.
A huge selection to choose from!

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