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8 weeks of meals at 4 week price. (Local Tulsa Customers Only)

The most incredible gourmet raw food you have ever tried guaranteed. Our menu changes every week with over 100 menu items to choose from. You may choose any items you like you do not have to get 1 of each unless you want to. Most of our meals are large enough for 2 people . You may also order pies or cakes, raw snacks, and books and supplies.

All the cuisine at Pure is made with the freshest organic produce and the highest quality raw ingredients from around the world. We use only items from the earth, in a pure natural state -nothing processed everything from scratch and created by hand. Our Cuisine is Vegan and Raw. No animal products except really raw honey, no dairy, no processed sugar or salt.  We use only fruits, veggies, nuts, and fresh herbs and flowers to create the most incredible food you have ever experienced GUARANTEED! This is unlike any raw meal service or raw restaurant you have ever tried. 

Half Price Special!!
Buy 4 weeks of 10 meals/dessert 
and get 4 additional weeks FREE!
for a Limited Time Only!

8 weeks at 4 week price- 10 meals and dessert of your choice every week for 8 weeks at the 4 week price.
Weeks 5, 6, 7, 8 are totally free.
This can be put on hold at anytime and stays as a credit until completed.
*Half Price Special is only available to Local Tulsa Customers.
Order now and get super healthy!

Price: $1,040.00


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